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Dr. Steven Ying Jong Leu (also call Dr. Lv Yingzhong in China)
Chancellor of Wholeself Institute of Natural Medicine (USA), Ph.D. in Natural Medicine of Bircham International University, Hon. Dr. in Science of Oxford International University (New Zealand), Fellow of Holistic Natural Medicine Center (Malaysia), Professor of World Organization of Natural Medicine University, Professor of Taiwan Wholeself Wellness Center, Founder of Taiwan Natural Medicine Education Organization, Chairman of International Chinese Parapsychology Association (Hong Kong), Vice Chairman of International Chinese UFO Association.

In 2000, Taiwan's well-known scholar Professor Dr. Steven Y. J. Leu diagnosed with nasal lymphoma, but dare only one chemotherapy, switch to do 27 times radiation therapy, he knew just do that item absolute insecurity of western medical treatment.
So Dr. Leu is diligent in-depth study of natural medicine methods to overcome cancer. Found German physician Dr. Joanna Budwig in 1952 to promote the  "essential amino acids" and "essential fatty acids" are anti-cancer regimen, and then found Dr. Linus Pauling’s "Orthomolecular Medicine" in 1968 with large doses of vitamin C theory, as well as Dr. Stephen DeFelice, the Chairman of the American Medical Foundation for Innovation, put forward the "Nutraceutical" method etc. those are the most theoretical foundation in natural medicine. The principles are the first harmless, secure, high-unit natural food or nutritional supplements to replace the harmful drugs. Support the healthy cells to correct the morbid conditions. Then actively studying and apply to own body. Access to full healthy effect.
Professor Dr. Leu experience the anticancer will become the mainstream of health in the 21st century, so he combined with Chinese traditional medicine theory, Ayurvedic medicine, energy medicine, parapsychology and spiritual healing to construct with oriental features “physical, mental and spiritual medicine, He called “Trinity Medicine”. So far has been 12 years, Dr. Leu is not only healthy, it looks ten years younger than actual age, but also published eight books of anti-cancer and wellness to help many patients back to health.