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This product comes in a nice container with a mobile holder.   However, most people only appreciate the container but they are not really interested in the actual product.  This has caused  the producer and various developers great concern.  To promote product awareness,  I have designed this brief product guide.  This page will be updated whenever improvements are made to the product.

Master of Business in Finance (University of Technology, Sydney)
Bachelor of Business, major in Finance and Marketing (University of Technology, Sydney)
Dimension: approx. ?? Litre. (The dimension of the container is not important.)

Product Features:
Versatility and flexibility (compatible with major operating systems)
Multilingual - most comprehensive versions in English and Chinese*
    (*Including the ability to process Mandarin, Taiwanese and Cantonese)
Excellent upgradeability
Intelligent learning
Huge database storage with fast random access speed (especially good with people database)

Localisation projects...

Currently available
Product status: a freelancer without much free time...
Leasing terms flexible--from hours to years. 

Product Development Notes: (Please refer to the comprehensive product guide.)
Date manufactured: XX/XX/19XX
Originally made in Taiwan, product enhancement performed at various places.

One of the customers described the product as: “highly intelligent person with a capacity to absorb new material, significant analytical skills and an ability for sustained application.” Mr. Murray Laurence, Managing Director, Insearch Institute of Commerce.

* To request a product brochure or a comprehensive product guide, please send an e-mail with potential customer's information.


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